Traditional hosting is now deprecated

July 5, 2020

Traditional hosting is now deprecated and this new hosting technology that has come out called Docker it’s model much more secure and faster about twice as fast over whm/cpanel. Also, it bundles the server dependencies into the website making your website liken to one software program that doesn’t rely on specific server dependencies as the server is also bundled, in other words, you can keep the site running for a very long time like 20+ years without having to worry about updates as much because the hosting company lets say moved from php 5.3 to php 7 because with Docker we bundle the php version directly into it.

There is also a movement away from intel CPUs as arm CPUs are much more energy-efficient and Docker can very easily go from intel to arm. Docker can also scale clusters with Kubernetes so if you started getting millions of hits of traffic docker can run on many clusters that would exceed the cpus you can get from any single server.

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