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Increase site speed on Joomla 3.4 site

Written by Strongcode

On July 21, 2020
  1. Initial finding: first-byte time is to slow at 1.6 but only with php routing through Joomla. an image alone is apache speed at .34secs which is correct. still 1.6 after dbase optimization. Reduced to .67 after Joomla caching enabled
  2. Initial finding: needs gzip compression // enabled
  3. Initial finding: needs .htacess caching // enabled
  4. Initial finding: large delay at start render of 4 secs / reduced to 2.6 // further reduced to 1.6 by object minification and compression
  5. Initial finding: Site size is too large at 2mb – reduced to 712kb
  6. Initial finding: total render time at 6 secs is too large – down to 4 but still too large happing at painting content 2.6 seconds to download everything too many objects // reduced to 1.3
  7. Initial finding: too many objects in code // resolved
  8. Initial finding: CSS needs compression // resolved

10 . Initial finding: repeat visits at about 3 -3 3.5 secs // redcued to 2 – 2.5 1 second recution %33 // further reduced to 1.3 – 1.6 ofter reducing objects // %67 reduction

  1. Initial finding: html size 795.30 KB // html is uncompressed // resovled

Reduced the following images by 80% in size using shortpixel
vault%20panama%20us.png old size 307kb
fools%20gold%20slide.png 250 kb
FEC%20ECB.png 200kb 72% reduction
images/real%20estate%20crash%20us.png 200k
images/Silver%20slide.png 150kb


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