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Why the General Data Protection Regulation Cookie notice banner is silly for most websites.

August 6, 2020

First of all the intent is to protect “personal information” and everyone needs to understand that when you are on the internet you have a IP address and the website has a IP address and these are used to send data back and forth and the website knows what page you are requesting so we cant consider this info personal. If you have a problem with someone knowing this info you need to use a VPN to access the internet because this info cant be considered personal.

Too many people are putting these notices on their websites and they don’t even collect personal information, the individual hasn’t even logged in to there site you don’t even know the site visitors name, there is no need to throw up an intrusive banner forcing me to click on something and even worse than that some type of agreement involving my personal info when I have made no attempt to divulge any personal info.

All websites have to use cookies for sessions for things like logging in and all web servers record the address of the visitor. The only people who abuse tracking technology are the big companies. Now because of that, we have this stupid banner appearing all over websites. I don’t need some banner popping up taking valuable conversion area real-estate on the page and causing frustration in time loss for the user and promoting fear because, in all honesty, the biggest threat is the devices they are using the phone or the pc is what is tracking everyone, not the website, websites are mostly pure and safe rather its what you install on your machine or device that is the issue. This is why its mostly safe to use websites because the site is confined to security policies of the browser.

Everything on the net is tracking the only people who abuse it is the big companies, they are tracing on cell phones but no warning on your cell phone comes up, they are conducting radio frequency surveillance without consent even in airplane mode in your home or wherever you carry the device. This EU data policy is a look here don’t look here ploy to make you think they are protecting you when in fact its these exact people behind the curtains who are harming everyone.

Websites are way safer to use than any app or device and websites are not the problem. The problem is big companies and government people who get paid by them and this is a tactic to see how much control they have to get you to do what they say and to make you think they protect you and to not look where the tracking is really coming from and they through these companies are the ones tracking you when you pull back the curtains and look who is involved it’s the very same group of people who show up every time.

A website can only track what IP address you are on and what page you looked at, all that stuff is very obvious to the user and you can hide your IP address if you’re concerned about that. A website only collects very basic info such as your browser screen size etc. In contrast, the app you install on your cell phone can listen to what you say, watch who you are around, record what you read and write and store a huge database on you in partnership with the same people who are making this EU data collection cookie notice in the first place!! The bottom line don’t worry about the cookie worry about your cell phone or your pc machine. If you really want to be safe then install Lineageos on your cell phone and do not install play store instead use f-driod and limit the apps you install in your device and instead use your browser to access the web app, in other words, the web version of will be safe while as the version you install in your device not. Also, install Linux and here again be careful what you install in your device and do not click on agreement with any notices for your personal info especially when you have not divulged any of that info because it seems more likely that they are seeking consent for your info rather than warning you about it.

Bottom line leave those data collection notices on the big companies websites who can abuse this type of data and leave them off the small websites who can’t do anything with this type of info at all anyway and stop nagging your users with popups forcing them to click on things and enter into agreements concerning their privacy when all they were trying to do is read an article.

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