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SEO Tune-Up

Written by Strongcode

On October 23, 2020

Here is a list of some of what I did


  1. I redid every page’s meta tags according to convertible in market keyphrase themes as identified by Google related/popular. Most all your meta tags were duplicate partially relevant or irrelevant to the page content. contained misspelling such as upper case first letter mixed with lower case first letters. many were too long for a search result. many had duplicate titles and descriptions which cause a penalty
  2. on the home page, I reorganized your image icons according to most convertible relevant helpful first and changed one of your images to custom order and another had 65k items listed as in your store which was false and I changed that. you might need to clear your browser cache to see the new images though.
  3. on the home page, I put in some anchor links in the wording to reinforce some inner pages SEO
  4. on numerous pages, broken images were linking to another website that deleted those images and I fixed those and also many pages had old non SEO URL links in them and I fixed that
  5. in your colour’s section, I readjusted the URL to theme the keywords with COMPANYNAME-REMOVED instead of COMPANYNAME-REMOVED
  6. I made various text design changes in various areas to clean it up and moved some text blocks to the top instead of the bottom where they were mixed in with an alt meaning article 
  7. on your camo patterns page, I put in text words under the camo images so that they can rank for those terms and I added the most popular terms at the bottom
  8. on your drop-down menus, I added various things for convenience
  9. your Remington 700 section was entirely down and I put that back online, it also had errors where it was missing your header images and I fixed that
  10. I fixed your mobile menu which wasn’t showing at all giving the site zero mobile navigation and negating all your search results for any mobile user, you should regain mobile traffic now.
  11. I made redirects for any broken links that were registering or coming into the site from somewhere else
  12. I targeted most of your pages for in market searches ones that will convert to sales. 
  13. I fixed your gallery pages that were showing a left column with nothing n the column or if there as something it was from a broken module that was giving broken links and it malfunctioned so I removed the left column to make everything cleaner and error-free
  14. I put a link in the gallery page to your cerakote profile to boost your score up because it has a link back to you
  15. I added in handling charge instead of shipping charge in checkout and added will drop off in return shipping with conditional logic to show hide the insurance for all the products.
  16. pages that were already ranking well in the adhesion/abrasion type pages I left them alone. they aren’t really in market searches and not searched that much but you ware ranking well for them so I left those alone.


Few things I noticed, I made alto of changes to the site and I think they will make huge improvements, given the number of issues you had you might be getting very much more traffic then you were. What you will be looking for in the future is overtaking the site COMPANYNAME-REMOVED his site is ranking very well and he does run WordPress, if your site doesn’t overtake his then it might be that he is getting better rankings for being in WordPress. Google does score down older designs and gives ranking priority to newer designs that give a higher user experience and WordPress has builders that make multi-layout sites easier than custom designs on Joomla but just sit back and see what happens because the things I did could have a huge impact because just one site cant push you out of 10 results even with your older site so long a the majority of competitors don’t have a newer design with a higher UX score then you can still rank in there.

It takes about 5 days before google will notice any changes, then over time it traffic should gradually go up. One other thing your Joomgallery extension is old development by them stopped in 2018, you can add images but editing one you cant it gives an error and they haven’t released an update since 2018. Joomla doesn’t have near the amount of development anymore as Joomla does and many Joomla extensions developers arent making new versions.

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