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Answers to Your Questions

What is the turn around time?

The turn around time is different per package. Please see the individual package page FAQ section for current turn around time as we adjust those times on each page as it changes.

What are the payment terms for the packages?

Each package has its own individual payment milestone schedule posted on its page.

Are these custom designs or templates?

In these WordPress Divi packages, we use the Divi builder and in the Divi builder, we use a library of objects and page templates in which we customize to give a unique look.

Do I need to provide my imagery?

Not always but it depends on what type of business. For example, a store will need to supply its product photos. Mostly the design-related photos we will use open source imagery that has 100% free use licences but sometimes we may purchase licenced imagery at our discretion and you may always provide your own imagery.

Do I need to provide my own content?

Yes, you will need to provide content and you may send that to us as we finish each page/section. If we do not receive any content from you we will simply use dummy typesetting text which you can alter later.

Do you provide ongoing support?

Yes we do you will receive for free ongoing support for 1 year.

Do I need to provide my own domain name?

Yes, you will need a domain name to take the finished site live under that domain. We carry out development on our subdomain and move it to your domain when finished.

How does the process work?

First, you will submit your first milestone payment. Then we will either gather your logo or create one for you, we will also ask you about styles and colours you prefer and other sites that you like and any other input you wish to provide. We will then build out the home page and show that to you for feedback before moving onto other pages and sections of the site.

What are the details regarding hosting?

You may host the website with all the mainstream hosting providers. It will require PHP and MySQL which they all normally provide. You also get a certain amount of free hosting with us if you so choose that, usually one free year of the newest technology known as Docker hosting.

Who owns the code?

You do, we do not retain any ownership rights to the website we build for you. You own it 100% and we will use both free and paid versions of plugins at our discretion. Plugins typically come with free use licences and commercial plugins will require subscriptions to receive updates. We always choose free versions unless absolutely necessary that we use a commercial one. Commercial plugins are not included in your purchase, we may only at our discretion use inexpensive commercial plugins to fulfil certain roles but generally, commercial plugins are not included in your package price and if you require a certain commercial plugin(s) you will need to supply those to us.

If I purchase the eCommerce do you add my products?

We may add some a few products fro demonstration but generally, you are supposed to add your own products?

Is the site you provide 100% configured and setup?

Yes, all options and settings are carried out to be a live functional site that includes payment merchant processor, forms, emails settings etc.

Is there a warranty on your work?

Yes, it comes with 6 months of warranty against bugs and defects against our work.

Do you guys provide SEO for the site?

We build and configure the site with optimal SEO for the pages and sections that we build but you will need to do your own SEO for any pages you add. We do not make any ranking guarantees regarding SEO we simply chose what we believe are optimal SEO for you one time and do not provide ongoing adjustments or monitoring for SEO ranking.

Do these come with a logo?

Yes if you do not have a logo we will create one for you by a logo designer pro.

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